About Us

STONE COSMETICS brand was born from a passion to create a beauty.

STONE COSMETICS is synonymous with exceptional quality at an affordable price. We are committed to researching, developing and utilising the latest advances in technology to ensure the STONE COSMETICS range offers first-class ingredients, superior quality, and innovative products.

The result of studies conducted on thousands of woemen from Europe have shown most woemen when choosing comestics look for: elegant design of packaging, high quality, appropriate color palette and price. Stone Cosmetics is the answer to the expectations of millions of women around the world.

Our product range is specifically researched and designed for the style-conscious woman who wants a LUXURY range of affordable cosmetics. STONE COSMETICS is dedicated to monitoring market trends and ensuring its range reflects current styles from around the world.

Looking to the future, STONE COSMETICS strives to excel in new product development and be a leader in providing fashionable and luxury cosmetics that are accessible and affordable for all women.

STONE COSMETICS is a combination of French quality, Italian style and Polish prices.

Check and see what is unique.


We are proud to say that we are Polish made and owned and 100% against animal testing.